Department of Physics and Technology

Location and Facilities

The Department of Physics and Technology is home to six  faculty and four programs. The department occupies most of the ground floor of Hendricks Hall.

The main facilities of the department include:

Engineering/Physics Lab
The Engineering/Physics lab is used for introductory and advanced physics courses for physics and engineering majors, and is supplemented by a number of smaller lab rooms.

General Physics Lab
The General Physics Lab is used for introductory service physics courses with computer data aquistion.

Computerized Physics Lab
The Computerized Physics Lab consists of seven Macintosh workstations equipped with data acquisition hardware and software. This lab is used primarily in introductory service physics courses.

Electronics Lab
The Electronics lab is where all of the department's electronics technology courses are taught. These include analog and digital electronics.

Drafting Lab
The Drafting Lab consists of several standard drafting tables as well as six Dell CAD workstations with PRO/E installed and is available to students outside of class to work on projects.

General Classrooms
The department also has one general purpose classroom, and uses a second lecture hall shared with other departments. Smaller classes are often held in one of the lab rooms, which are designed to accommodate small lectures in addition to laboratory activities.

The Engineering/Physics Club

The Engineering/Physics Club is designed for students who are 3/2 Engineering majors or Physics majors. Other interested students are also welcome to join the club. The club holds periodic meetings, hosts guest speakers, takes occasional field trips, and serves to provide social and professional activities for its members.

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