FULL-TIME FACULTY                  

Dr. Karim Hossain (on sabbatical thru Spring 2013)

     Rank: Professor

     Education:   Ph.D - State University of New York at Buffalo, 2001

                      MSc. - Southern Illinois University, 1983

                      BSc. - Dacca University (Bangladesh), 1979

     Room: Cooper Hall 102

     Phone: 814-732-2442


     Class Schedule

     Research Interests: Physics Education

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Dr. James Kirk

     Rank: Associate Professor

     Education:   Ph.D Pennsylvania State University (Meteorology)

                      MSc. - University of New Hampshire, 1984

                      BSc. - Rutgers University (State University of New Jersey) at Camden, 1981

     Room: Cooper Hall 110

     Phone: 814-732-2834


     Class Schedule

     Research Interests: Atmospheric Physics

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Mr. Peter Kuvshinikov

     Rank: Assistant Professor (Manufacturing Engineering Technology)

     Education:   Ph.D in progress at Gannon University   

                      Master of Education - Edinboro University of PA, 2008

                      M.E. - Pennsylvania State University (Behrend), 2003

                      BSc. - Pennsylvania State University (Behrend), 1999

     Room: Cooper Hall 104

     Phone: 814-732-1689


     Class Schedule

     Research Interests: Quality Control and Project Management

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Mr. David Wick

     Rank: Regular Instructor of Physics

     Room: Cooper Hall 103

     Phone: 814-732-1238


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Mr. Michael Daub

     Rank: Temporary Instructor of Physics

     Room: Cooper Hall 105

     Phone: 814-732-1532


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Dr. Richard Lloyd

     Rank: Assistant Professor

     Education:   Ph.D - Iowa State University, 2003

                      MSc. - Iowa State University, 1999

                      BSc. - Truman State University, 1995

     Room: Cooper Hall G09/126F

     Phone: 814-732-1699


     Class Schedule

     Research Interests: Nuclear & Particle Physics (Theoretical)

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Dr. John Polo

     Rank: Assistant Professor

     Education:   Ph.D - University of Virginia, 1979

                      BSc. - University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1973

     Room: Cooper Hall 108

     Phone: 814-732-2655


     Class Schedule

     Research Interests: Optical Physics (Theoretical) and Nanotechnology

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Penny Tingley

     Physics and Geosciences Secretary

     Room: Cooper Hall 126

     Phone: 814-732-2592